Welcome Home!

26 07 2008

Nothing beats the warm summer evenings out in Arizona! I was made for this desert heat.

Currently I’m sitting outside my balcony watching the lightening bolts light up the sky and listen to the ear piercing thunder. I love it!

It’s been almost a month and I feel like Arizona is finally becoming home to me.

We arrived in Arizona July 2nd to an apartment beautifully decorated.


Thank you Tiffany and Jenni!


Thank you Ronni and Shannon!

 We managed to make our way through our lovely apartment, making a short pathway through

all the gifts . . .


To only only find the apartment decorated but the guys made James’ day by filling the entire fridge with Mt. Dew.


After 3 hours of opening gifts, we thought we were done. To our surprise, there was over 15 boxes in the post to pick up.


James and I are slowly but surely making our apartment look like home. We set up our new bed frame from Ikea and have gotten everything put away.



It’s surreal to me that I won’t be calling California home anymore, but I love it here and the people are absolutely wonderful.

Not to mention, I love living with the man of my dreams!!!!

~ Ruth Rogers




2 responses

30 07 2008

Look at all that Dew!!

And there’s an “e” in my name!!!!

23 09 2008

LOL I wanna jump in the fridge. I am in Mountain Dew heaven looking at that.

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