A little fairwell…

29 07 2008

I don’t know why but putting pictures in blogs these days is the cool thing to do.  Pictures I guess just say so many unspoken words that seems to capture and intrigue viewers.  But any who.  It’s another late night and the wife is off in la la land.  I’m enjoying my last week of freedom this summer before I have to start work back up.  It has been nice to have these past two months off with the wedding and all and being able to get situated out here with Ruth.  Probably wouldn’t of been too good for Ruth if we had moved out here and then I started work right away.  It’s nice to be able to help get the apartment ready with her and help get her acclimated to Phoenix before I head back into the office.  Thankfully though she can stop by and visit me in the office anytime she wants.  It is definitely a plus to living on campus.  But life has been going good.  Besides being susie homemaker I’ve been playing my guitar a lot and listening to some of my new johnny cash cd’s.  Trying to sell my jeep so that I can make some extra cash for the wife and me.  Actually, if I sell the jeep I can buy myself a new computer ; ) but we’ll see.  It is sad that I am getting rid of the jeep.  This bad boy has many good memories.  Cruising up in Big Bear with Ally and the Playa and the rest of the Pine Summit crew, Ronnie and I driving to CBU’s chapel at Mag and watching him almost fall out on a quick u turn because there was no doors on it at the time, watching Ronnie throw money at Tyler Watts at the Kiosk, throwing coins at people and blowing the ho-train whistle (all of these with Ronnie that is), changing tires on the freeway, the smell of cat urine on the back seat, Sarah Gonzales hitting her head so hard on the bar above after going over a speed bump 30 mph and giving her a slight concussion, having my lights cut off on the dark roads up to big bear for no reason, driving back up to big bear with steven in the sleet and snow during spring break with the top off.  Man, a lot of good memories in this bad boy.  This was my first vehicle ever.  But it will be good to get it off my hands.   So fairwell green broke down jeep.  May you bring joy to a new driver someday soon!






2 responses

30 07 2008
Aunt Leeann

That is one wild pic nephew!

30 07 2008

How about the time it broke down right out of the shop, and we had to push it all the way back?

Or freezing all the way to Casino Morongo with the back seat not attached.

Or when it got pushed between the dorms and you got a ticket.

Or when we pushed it up against your apt door and stupid george called you about it.

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