Colbie and John…. Yay Yah!!!

1 08 2008


So last night, Ruth and I went to our first concert in Phoenix.  We saw Colbie Caillat and John Mayer at the Cricket Pavilion.  The concert was pretty awesome.  We went with our friends the Funk Master, Kristen and her little sidekick Justine.  Surprisingly it wasn’t too hot out that night.  I think Ruth was more excited about seeing Colbie rather than John Mayer.

I think she sung every Colbie song along with Kristen.  True fans right there.  I personally enjoyed watching John Mayer.  I have never really been a big fan of him but watching him on the guitar was pretty impressive.  He ripped it all night long.  He ended up playing for about two hours and it only felt like a half hour.  He had the crowd at his finger tips.  It was great.  Then out of nowhere he busted out Free Fallin by Tom Petty, the crowd went crazy.  Then as he came back for the encore he busted out a little old school rock, Sweet Child of Mine.  It was great.  The man for sure has some skills.    




















So if you ever get a chance to go see John Mayer in concert, I would definitely say go.  If you appreciate a solid musician, this is the man to see.  Not only does he sing, but he whales on the guitar.





3 responses

7 08 2008

I agree…he was stinkin’ awesome. I mean, I was in love with John before, but everytime I see him, I seriously think he gets better and better.
During the encore at the concert that we were at, he took off his shirt. Amazing.

Miss you guys.

9 08 2008

JAMES (and Ruth),

You got married? Well, we had a kid so I guess we’re even! We hope to make it to AZ sometime soon so we’ll have to get together. Shaun would love to see you… He has tons of time on his hands (check out our blog to find out why). I’m going to add you to our list so we can keep up on your life…

Miss you, Erica

12 08 2008

Um wow. I’m incredibly jealous right now.

Also, thanks for the shout out on my most recent blog – now I know how to continue this whole blogging trend with ya’ll! And yes, I miss you both too and would love to come out and visit at some point!

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