What to say….

11 09 2008

So its getting late and as I mess around on the computer I felt compelled to write a blog. The only problem is, I dont really know what to write about. So I will just ramble a bit until I feel content.

Today I was having a one-on-one with one of my RA’s, Kat, and somehow the topic of blogging came up and she kind of looked at me a little funny. It made me laugh because I knew exactly why. For some reason out here in Phoenix, blogging is not as “cool” as it is out in Cali it seems. I think out of all nine of my RA’s last year and my eight RA’s this year, none of them have even entertained the thought of having a blog. Out here, its just not cool. Kind of interesting to me. People at Cal Bap blog like its going out of style. If you find one person from CBU, you are pretty much guaranteed to find at least 20 other people’s blogs through different people’s blog rolls. Just one of the many differences out here in AZ at GCU in comparison to CBU and Californ-I-A.

Enough about blogging while blogging. The second week of school is about to come to an end. The past month and a half has been like a big whirlwind. Got two new bosses, a new set of student leaders, RA training, Welcome Week, wife started Nursing school, still taking Masters classes. Its been pretty busy for me as for every other person that works at a University I am sure. But needless to say its been a draining month and a half. A good month and a half but draining. Its been exciting to see how GOD has been moving this year here at GCU even through all the chaos. The way he has worked through our student leaders and how much he has blessed us with great students this year which has be a huge answer to prayer. I have been blessed with another amazing RA staff and am really blessed to have Sarah back again as my GA. Its been great having Ruth here and experiencing life with her and with my new family out here. The opportunities to exercise my gifts and talents out here have been really exciting for me. Today I was able to lead worship in our chapel with one of our Life Leaders, Richie. It was a blessing. It felt refreshing to be able to use the talents and passions that God has given me. I feel so much more alive in Him when I use the talents and gifts that He has given me with things that scare me to death, like leading worship. I feel that too many times in my life I found myself being held back by my fears. Fear of doing things in areas that I know I am gifted in. Thats the problem with fear I guess. It holds us back. Sometimes I wonder what my life would look like if I stopped letting my fears dictate my actions. Sometimes I also wonder what earth would look like if us as Believers stopped living out of fear of our God given talents and started exercising those talents. How much more great would our impact be for His Kingdom? Not that the Lord needs us to make His kingdom known but you get my drift. So maybe we should all step off that ledge that keeps holding us back and see and experience how beautiful this life could be….


One is Silver and the Other’s Gold

1 09 2008

Coming out to Arizona I was a little rebellious in my thinking of making new friends. James was so encouraging about all the people that who were awaiting my arrival at Grand Canyon and all I could think was, “I already have all the friends i need in Cali, I don’t need nor want new ones!” Nothing can replace the friendships I have back at home, but my mentality quickly changed the second I arrived at GCU. The people here are amazing! I already feel like part of the family and it’s only been about 2 months. So, I thought I would share with you some of the people that I have gotten to know and share life with… these pictures were taken at the “Dirty Games,” so don’t judge my new friends! 🙂

This is Sarah and Jill. I wrote about them in a previous blog. Sarah is the GA for James. We’ve had fun swimming, cooking for the RAs, hanging out at orientation week and more. Jill lives right next door to us… she is expecting to have a boy Oct 13th and I can’t wait! She introduced me to “Last Chance.” It’s Nordstrom’s last seasons clothes for less than $10… AMAZING!

To the right is Kristen. She works in the office with James as the CAB director. We have a lot in common… like our love for cereal.

In my next post I will introduce you to Cereality (Kristen told me about this place…AMAZING!)

From left to right we have Leeanne (she is a Sr. nursing student) and Kate (also a nursing student who was an RA for James last year). I will be working with Kate in the coffee shop. We have been hanging out and going to movies as well as late night talks with Pizzokies. Sarah (I will be working with her on marketing the worship night at GCU). She is so spunky and full of energy. We have been having fun together at all the orientation stuff.

This is Kris and Jamie. They got married the day before James and I. We were both bummed that we couldn’t make it to their wedding. They are going to be RA’s for James this year. We went out together to of all places, Red Robin, as well as hanging out during training and orientation. They will be graduating this year.

This is James’ staff. They are amazing and I have been having so much fun with them these past few weeks during training and welcome week. I almost feel like one of them… I should just be considered an RA but I think that would be conflict of interest between my boss and I 🙂

Needless to say, God has answered my prayers in more ways that I even imagined. HE always seems to work that way, yet I always seem to doubt HIM when it comes to my future. I would have never thought that I would have the friendships that I already do here. My friendships back in California will never change and those girls I will always cherish and grow closer and closer with despite the distance, but the friendships here are priceless as well.

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.”