I’m DONE!!

24 10 2008

I’m sitting here in the airport so relieved that finals are over. I had about 4 tests this week, not including the other 3 last week and a performance exam (talk about stressful- having the teacher watch you as you assess a patient for a half hour with just you , the patient, and the teacher). I can’t believe that our first set of classes are over and I am in the process of being a nurse. I’ve learned so much in these past 8 weeks, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when I am finished. It feels so surreal that I am finally here and i am loving it. James is amazing as I have assessed him numerous times and have yet to find high blood pressure or a visible source for a reason to why he needs to start eating better. One day I will find it and he will start eating those vegetables and fruits. Until now I will keep offering my slices of apples :O

So to reward myself for these past 8 weeks I am flying home and going to oak glen with the fam… picture will come! It’s going to be so nice to not having to stay back at the apartment studying while everyone goes out or be exhausted from homework that I fall asleep at 8pm. I am going to sleep all weekend, go to golden spoon numerous times, and relax with the fam and wicket! 

Well, Im off to Cali. See you around


it’s too late to apologize…. too late….

18 10 2008

So last night was GCU’s 2nd annual Lip Sync Contest and it was amazing! The students that participated did a great job and everyone who was there had a blast. Myself along with the dorm GA, Matt Rummel made our second appearance at the contest. Last year we were the Angry Pirates and this year we returned as the Blind Pirates. The videos below don’t do justice to the live performances. The energy of the crowd was great. The other video is of four guys that go to school here. Two of them our my RA’s. They made me proud. They ending up taking 3rd and The Blind Pirates took 2nd by the judges vote. But when the audience voted the Pirates were the clear victors. 🙂 so enjoy the two videos below!

It’s been a while

6 10 2008

It’s been a while since I last updated. Ever since school and work started up I don’t think I have had much time for anything. I can’t really complain about it all cuz I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Nursing school is going really well. I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of being in school full time. All the people in my class are great. We have already started bonding since we spend every waking moment together between lectures, labs, and studying. James is thrown somewhere in there. jk… He is actually really good at quizzing me before my tests and is a good comforter when I have my emotional breakdowns. I finally got my scrubs a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but show you a picture of them. My first set of classes are finishing up this month and then I will finally be able to start clinicals in the hospital working with old people. I’m sure I will have plenty to write about once I start up in there.


Work is great. I’m working at the coffee shop on campus, which gives me plenty of time to do homework. (It’s nothing like Wanda’s- always being so crowded) I never thought I would say this, but I think I am acquiring a taste for coffee. It could be cuz nursing is forcing it on me.


Besides that, James and I are still at work with the apartment. It feels like school and work started up for the both of us and we just haven’t had time for other things. We decided that we would redecorate from the silver wedding posters and streamers that Ronnie and Shannon used to decorate our walls. I don’t think it even phased us that it was still up on the walls. Well, we finally took it down today and replaced it with this picture from IKEA. (I love that place!)


                   (Before)                                               (After)         

The other part of our weekend was spent at a mall where James had the opportunity to perform at a community fair. He did such a great job of playing some Johnny Cash, Jack Johnson, CCR, Oasis and some worship songs. In fact, everyone liked him so much that he is going to be performing at the fall festival at the school. I’m so proud of him!