livin the dream still…

2 12 2008

So it has been a while since Ruth or I last wrote.  Things have been busy around here you could say.  Between Ruth dealing with Nursing school and me dealing with…. work : ) we haven’t really put much effort into keeping everyone up to date with what is going on out our way.  So here is a little run down.

A few weeks ago Ronnie and Shannon were out here for a wedding so we got to spend come quality time with Cougar from Azusa and his lady!  Ruth has a little baby fever because our neighbors just had a little boy, Huntington Suarez who we are blessed to watch every now and then when Ant and Jill go out on dates.  We just got back from Texas a few days ago.  We flew out last Tuesday to see Ruth’s side of the family for Thanksgiving.  It was a lot colder out there than here in Phoenix!  And now we are back at it for the next few weeks until week take off to Vegas for Christmas!  

Life has been going pretty good for the both of us.  Married life is still a blessing : )  and we are extremely thankful for all the people that God has surrounded us with while out here in Phoenix!  As for my lovely wife, keep her in your prayers and she finishes out this hectic semester!  Nursing school has been kicking her butt yet at the same time she keeps on moving forward!  I am impressed with her dedication and the long hours that she puts in to her schooling, she is going to make a great nurse!  As for me, just trying to finish out the semester strong!  And thats about it for right now!  So until next time…




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11 12 2008

Hey Ruth please email me if you want to, I would love to hear about your woes and vent to you a little about mine! School is worth it, it just doesn’t always feel that way! Love you guys!

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