what makes a blog good….

7 01 2009

photo-16So as I was surfing the blogging world tonight a question came to mind, “What makes a blog, a good blog”?  There are many different styles out there when it comes to the blogging world.  Some write about important things, some people write about stupid things, some people do both.  Some people don’t even blog with words but rather with tons of pictures.  For me, I like to write long blogs that sometimes are way to deep which I don’t even enjoy reading them to proofread because they are just too long.  So what does that mean… I don’t know really.  I know that in today’s society its all about simplicity.  That is why apples ipod and iphone are so amazing… because they are simple and not complex.  That’s also why people like to text rather than actually call people.  For some reason the thought of a having a huge conversation in 160 characters or less is more appealing than actually calling the person.  It’s all about the short and simple these days.  I would say the same goes with the blogging world.  Just cut to the chase and give the people the what they want to hear.  So ya…. until next time!




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