A quick update

19 02 2009

So it has been a while since Ruth or I lasted blogged and in the blogging world that is the unforgiven sin!  So here it is, an updated post for all the people that are too lazy to actually call or text us to see how we are doing.  Things have been going pretty good for both Ruth and I.  We just got back fro a weekend trip to Cali which was a lot of fun.  It was nice to connect with some old friends and see Ruth’s fam.  We are now back in Phoenix trucking a long through the semester.  For both Ruth and I we are in our seventh week out of eight in our classes and are looking forward to our spring break at the beginning of March.  


Ruth is still chippin away at her nurses classes.  This class has been the hardest one so far but she has been able to hold her own.  She has started working 12 hour clinicals and loves it, when the nurses actually have something for her to do.  As for me, after this 8 weeks is up I will have only 3 more classes to go until I have my Masters degree in Leadership.  I am excited to be so close to being done, I am sick of taking classes!  So there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel!


Overall though we have been extremely thankful for God’s provision.  In these tough economic times we have been able to maintain just fine, even off of my HUGE RD salary!  God is definitely good and we are extremely thankful for all the great people that He has placed in our lives as we journey to know more about Him and are excited to see the opportunities that He has for us in the future out here at Canyon.  The biggest question that Ruth and I are always asked is “how is GCU”.  And the reality is that its been good for both of us to be out here at GCU.  Sure, there is some rough patches here and there, but what place doesn’t have them.  The truth is, through the community that God has placed in my life here, I have learned more about my faith than I have in a long time!  I feel that I have been able to experience Authentic community, one that gives both Ruth and I protective love instead of guilting or shaming us into being “better Christians”.  We are able to be and live in the reality of who God has created us to be and it is nice to not have to put on an act for people or act how “others” should think we should act.  So our time here at Canyon has been good even though we have had some difficult days.  But I thank God for the people, well, most people that He has brought here to be in the lives of both Ruth and me.




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