Masked and Anonymous

27 05 2009

Everyone has some sore of mask they wear to cover up who they really are. These past few weeks I have been learning to take down those masks and be real and vulnerable with myself, others, and God. The whole, “I’m Fine” phrase has gone out the window and I am facing how I truly am or feel. It’s something most Christians struggle with because they have to look like they have it all together and they never sin or struggle in different areas… we are suppose to perfect, right?

This is one area that I have always appreciated in James. He wears his thoughts, feelings, and down falls on his sleeve, whether others accept them or not. What you see is what you get with James!



I saw this pic on and realized that most people live out their entire lives in a mask, hiding parts of themselves in fear of rejection, shame, or persecution. What if everyone stripped away their masks and worked together to bring restoration and freedom, instead of bondage and shame?


Ecclesiastes 4:10 – If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!





2 responses

27 05 2009

ruth. thank you for sharing these thoughts. and being willing to take off the masks. that is so hard…ugh…too much fear…but it is challenging and encouraging to read your words and read how you are pushing through that fear…challenges me to pray about and take the action to do the same…love you hooch

18 06 2009
Terry Moon

Hey Ruth ,
That is so refreshing to hear, that you are through with the ususal I am fine. There is so much freedom when we can be honest and real. I wish I could have embrassed it years ago. I have learned so much through CR, and God is continuing to teach me. For me the bondage of the masks came off when I was willing to be transparent, Satan doesn’t have a chance when we are who God created us to be. I know that we are here to tell others there is FREEDOM if we trust God through the process. Thank you for being your beautiful self. LOVE YA Terry

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