Ralph Webster Neighbour III

23 06 2009


A husband, father, counselor, teacher, pastor, friend, and follower of Christ. Whatever he may be to you, I am proud to call him my father. He is selfless, passionate, kind hearted, and a servant. As a pastor, starting his own church, we didn’t have much money, but as a child I would never have known it. He did everything he could to find things for us to do that didn’t cost money. My favorite Saturday outings as a kid started with Burger King. My Dad would get us a croissant to split but Nate and I were so busy decorating our BK crowns. Next we headed over to Sams club for samples and next door was a furniture place that gave away gummy bears. As I got older, my love for gymnastics grew and my dad sacrificed every weekday, driving me 45 minutes to and from gymnastics. It was one of my favorite times of the day as my dad and I had heart to heart talks. Through college my dad and I went through some of the toughest times together. While he was dealing with extreme turmoil in his own life, he faced the fact that he might lose his daughter to an unknown illness. It was in these times that I saw God through my dad more than I ever had before. He taught me so much during these times and I’m sure for so many other people. I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing father!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!


Fitness and Exercise Blog

17 06 2009

As most people know, I started my journey this past year to becoming a nurse but it’s been a little frustrating in the sense that I have this degree in Kinesiology and will never use it. So, this past weekend I had this idea that I would start up a fitness blog with tips on nutrition and exercise. I would love to hear your feedback on posts and even subjects that you would like to know more of, so check it out!



P.S.- I will still be updating this blog on my life, for those of you that actually read it

Our Surroundings

17 06 2009

Why is it that when people go overseas on mission trips such as ISP that our focus on God increases, we live with a purpose and find beauty in our surroundings?

These past few weeks I have had the privilege of spending every morning at 6am with my brother at Extreme Bootcamp (Ok, maybe not a privilege since it’s extreme torture on one’s body, but at least my brother and I are in torture together). Extreme Bootcamp is an exercise and weight loss program that my brother has been going through. They make us do everything from mountain climbers, sprints up and down hills, to push-ups till you can’t feel your arms any more.
Last Friday we went for a run through the hills of Chino. Now, for me, I get anxiety with just the thought of running, but today I found it quiet enjoyable. As we started the run my focus was on how far we were running and where the end was, but that focus soon shifted. I found my thoughts focused on God.

I thought it would be a great time to spend talking with God and enjoying the beauty he had surrounded me with. As my thoughts ran through my head, I was reminded of the beauty I have experienced in Brazil, Turkey, and Rwanda, all which were from ISP trips. At that moment God pointed to the beauty that had been surrounding me all these years and yet I never stopped to notice it. Isn’t it so true that the hectic American lifestyle takes away so much of the beauty surrounding us. Not just creation, but the beauty in life, such as dancing, laughing, creating, and dreaming. I hope that I not overlook God’s beauty in my daily life through the busyness of nursing school, work, friends, and being with my husband.

Here is the pic of my run

On the Road Again… Just Can’t wait to get on the Road again

1 06 2009

Tomorrow marks the first of many days to travel. First stop… Cali! Here is the run down of our schedule:

June 2nd: Head out to CaliBeach


June 4th: Beach Day with Laura and Toni


June 6-7: Shannon’s Bachelorette Party in San Diego


June 12: Ronnie and Shannon’s Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner at Rubies on the Pier 


June 13: Ronnie and Shannon’s Wedding… HOLLA!

              Dad’s Birthday


June 14: Celebrating Dad’s Birthday after Church


June 17: Head out to Vegas to visit the In-Lawsimages


June 21: Our One-Year Anniversary! 


June 22: Head back to AZ and stop by the Grand Canyon


June 23: Ronnie and Shannon come out to AZ


June 24: All of us pile up in a car and head to Glen Wood Springs, Colorado


June 25: Sarah’s Bachelorette Party


June 26th: Matt and Sarah’s Wedding Rehearsal


June 27: Matt and Sarah Get Married!!!!!Sarah and Matt


June 28: Pile back up in the car and head out to Denver Colorado


June 29: Hang out with Billy Foote in Denver


June 30: Home Sweet Home… well, kind off


July 1: Start packing up the entire apartment and move it 3 feet over to the dorms


July 4: Watch Fireworks


July 20: James goes to work and I will see him in September sometime

             (not really, but you reslife people know what I mean)


End of July/beginning of Aug: Brother and Sister Road trip to Texas to visit Nana and the family

August 21-22: Jenni Price comes out to visit… yay!!!!s666770113_6687125_2816065



                   . . . and I start my 3rd semester of Nursing… 2 down, 3 more to go


Any one up for hanging out while I am in Cali… you know where to find me

… no, not Golden Spoons… in Chino with the fam!