On the Road Again… Just Can’t wait to get on the Road again

1 06 2009

Tomorrow marks the first of many days to travel. First stop… Cali! Here is the run down of our schedule:

June 2nd: Head out to CaliBeach


June 4th: Beach Day with Laura and Toni


June 6-7: Shannon’s Bachelorette Party in San Diego


June 12: Ronnie and Shannon’s Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner at Rubies on the Pier 


June 13: Ronnie and Shannon’s Wedding… HOLLA!

              Dad’s Birthday


June 14: Celebrating Dad’s Birthday after Church


June 17: Head out to Vegas to visit the In-Lawsimages


June 21: Our One-Year Anniversary! 


June 22: Head back to AZ and stop by the Grand Canyon


June 23: Ronnie and Shannon come out to AZ


June 24: All of us pile up in a car and head to Glen Wood Springs, Colorado


June 25: Sarah’s Bachelorette Party


June 26th: Matt and Sarah’s Wedding Rehearsal


June 27: Matt and Sarah Get Married!!!!!Sarah and Matt


June 28: Pile back up in the car and head out to Denver Colorado


June 29: Hang out with Billy Foote in Denver


June 30: Home Sweet Home… well, kind off


July 1: Start packing up the entire apartment and move it 3 feet over to the dorms


July 4: Watch Fireworks


July 20: James goes to work and I will see him in September sometime

             (not really, but you reslife people know what I mean)


End of July/beginning of Aug: Brother and Sister Road trip to Texas to visit Nana and the family

August 21-22: Jenni Price comes out to visit… yay!!!!s666770113_6687125_2816065



                   . . . and I start my 3rd semester of Nursing… 2 down, 3 more to go


Any one up for hanging out while I am in Cali… you know where to find me

… no, not Golden Spoons… in Chino with the fam!




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