Ralph Webster Neighbour III

23 06 2009


A husband, father, counselor, teacher, pastor, friend, and follower of Christ. Whatever he may be to you, I am proud to call him my father. He is selfless, passionate, kind hearted, and a servant. As a pastor, starting his own church, we didn’t have much money, but as a child I would never have known it. He did everything he could to find things for us to do that didn’t cost money. My favorite Saturday outings as a kid started with Burger King. My Dad would get us a croissant to split but Nate and I were so busy decorating our BK crowns. Next we headed over to Sams club for samples and next door was a furniture place that gave away gummy bears. As I got older, my love for gymnastics grew and my dad sacrificed every weekday, driving me 45 minutes to and from gymnastics. It was one of my favorite times of the day as my dad and I had heart to heart talks. Through college my dad and I went through some of the toughest times together. While he was dealing with extreme turmoil in his own life, he faced the fact that he might lose his daughter to an unknown illness. It was in these times that I saw God through my dad more than I ever had before. He taught me so much during these times and I’m sure for so many other people. I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing father!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!




3 responses

23 06 2009

I love it! What a sweet post. I love watching you and your dad together. I can’t wait til my girls talk about their growing up years with their dad like you do! PS – I wonder if your dad likes this post from you better than the used nose hair clipper from Nathan!?!

24 06 2009
Aunt Leeann

Ruth, what a wonderful tribute to your father. I am sure your father feels very honored and blessed to have a daughter like you!

4 01 2016

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