The McGee and Roger Family Vaca to Colorado

8 07 2009

After spending a long day at Sarah and Matt’s wedding, SOMEONE had the greatest idea to drive out that night to Denver. Completely exhausted we headed back to the house we stayed at, threw our clothes in our bags and headed off to see Billy and Naomi Foote.
Our time there went by so fast! “Time flies when you are having fun!”
We only stayed one full day, so that day we went to downtown Denver and at Rock Bottom and walked around. After several blocks we realized that we made it to Denver just in time for the Gay Pride Festival. Can I just tell you, there were some weird people there! I know a few gay people and they are nothing like the people we saw that day!


Billy Foote is currently the chef at Bar Louie so that night he shared with us his most God gifted talent… Cooking!
The five course meal including:

Bruschetta with a Mango salsa

Ahi Tuna
… please be seated for this one fokes- James Rogers ate it and liked it!!!!!

Chicken wrapped in bacon… James and I opted for Parmesan Chicken

Ribs that literally fell off the bone

And for dessert: Grilled Pineapple marinated in brown sugar with ice cream

Thank you God for Billy Foote! The McGee and Roger’s Family gave him two thumbs up ☺

The McGee and Roger’s Family gave him two thumbs up ☺




One response

11 08 2009

Wonderful pictures, thanks for stopping by, yes I enjoyed the Shack it made me see God, Jesus in a completely different light.

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