The Dorm Life

23 08 2009

Late night runs to #2 Donuts, hanging out in the halls with all the girls, dance parties, hanging out with the roomie, sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls, and wondering why I was so tired for my 8am classes when I went to bed at 4am. . . oh how I miss my freshmen year!
The dorm life is where it’s at… and James and I have somehow found our way back to it.
Yep, that’s right, we have moved into the dorms. James has bravely taken on the job of Resident Director for the Co-Ed dorm here at Grand Canyon University… and I will forgo my sleep and quiet time.

Actually, I’m beyond excited for this move. I love the dorm life! I think my favorite year was working in the dorms as a Grad Assistant at California Baptist University. Freshmen are so much fun and full of life. Even though I had to come out to the hall every night around 2am to tell them to shut up, it was all worth it.

So here we go! We have moved in and ready to go. The RAs are going strong with training and James and I have fallen in love with each and every one of them. I can’t wait for this year and all that it Brings. God has blessed James and I in where we are at and has given us more than we could ever had wanted or needed.

Here are a few pics of our apartment. We are down in the lobby… sharing walls with freshmen boys! And can I just tell you, the smell seeps through the walls. SICK!

Here is the apartment after we moved everything in:

Oh the joys of moving!

Oh the joys of moving!

James is putting together our bed in the bedroom:

And I made the bed… Great team work!

Here is the living room! The door is out to the lobby, which I am very grateful for… anything to avoid walking through the guys hall 🙂

Pic was taken by standing in the opening to the kitchen.

Pic was taken by standing in the opening to the kitchen.

Here is our kitchen! It’s huge but no counter space. Got to get creative when cooking!

The office / study room is connected to the kitchen… sorry for the bad pic. I took it with my camera

Again, this pic was taken with my phone. But here is the bathroom that is connected to the office, which leads to our bedroom.

If you haven’t noticed, our apartment is a long maze. To get the our bedroom we have to go into our living room, through the kitchen, into the office, walk through the bathroom and then we have our bedroom.
So, there you have it… our new home 🙂




One response

4 09 2009
Grandma Keller

I love the apt.& I know you all are very tired.soooooo say goodby to SLEEP ha. cant wait to see you both looking foward to seeing Pam,Ralph&Nathan again also. I havent been on the blogs recently so I am catching up. Love Grandma

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